DRG tracks 2,300 patient populations across all 382 MSAs and 43,000 zip codes. We also provide detailed coverage of 135 disease indications, including forecasts though 2030.

We track drug coverage and reimbursement patterns for every PBM and payer in the United States. Our dataset is comprehensive, covering formulary tier as well as utilization management programs

DRG maintains one of the largest claims datasets in the country, updated in real-time for almost 280 million lives. DRG RWD enables us to deeply understand patient journeys, outcomes, and evolving healthcare trends trends.

What are the forces that drive and influence treatment selection? In our Physician Forum, prescribers share prescribing drivers and constraints, as well as perceptions of value. PV is a proprietary data asset that can help you understand your costs as the drug landscape changes.

What new treatments are emerging to meet unmet patient needs? DRG tracks all drugs in development and at each stage of commercialization. What does a drug pipeline mean for you? How will prescription volume change and at what cost? How should you coverage evolve to remain competitive?

Profiles of the largest U.S. employers, covering over 100m lives. Profiles shine a light onto PBM contracts and integrate our gold standard lives data. Regional, plan and PBM views allows you to proactively target growth opportunities. EV tracks 350 MCOs, 40+ PBMs, and over 900 CBSAs.

What is the impact of a change you might make on your client/member population? How many members will it affect and what volume of prescriptions? How might members react given patient journeys and drug switching patterns? For sophisticated clients striving to serve both their members and their top line, we recognize that the consequences of a change are critical.

In an RFP process, how can you put your best foot forward? DRG/Adaptive has the necessary underlying data assets to compare your drug-lists and formulary/UM decisions to those of a competitor. We highlight where your coverage is advantageous, as well as the impact of that advantage on members and on volume of prescriptions.

DRG is the industry-leader in forecasting the future of healthcare. Our industry-leading data and reports are organized by therapy area, disease, drug compound, and geographic. As you make coverage decisions, we can help you make them looking forward, not back.